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Our Background
We are an IT services consulting company located in Southeast Michigan outside the metro Detroit
area.  Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the best possible and affordable IT services and
solutions in the context of clients' business strategies.

To successfully accomplish this, we use a number of resource management and utilization
strategies with corresponding methodologies on every assignment.  Depending on the project, we
collaboratively engage other highly skilled professionals to successfully meet clients' specific
needs.  Clients benefit from this strategy because of the knowledge, experience, and diversity of
skills that these professionals bring to the project, in addition to ours.

The principal consultant for InfoTSG, Inc. is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP),
and has a wide range of experience and expertise in IT, financial and technology services
management, and public policy development.  This includes several years of management
experience in public and private sector organizations, in addition to having an advanced degree in
business.  Currently, the principal consultant is a candidate for the degree of Doctor of
Management in Information Technology at Lawrence Technological University.
InfoTSG, Inc.
IT Services Consulting